7 Best Foods for Oral Health
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Eat the best foods for oral health. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients and your body will thank you. How many times have you heard that? Well, it’s true! And your oral health is an important part of your overall health.

There is a huge connection between your oral health and what you eat. The foods you eat can affect the health of your teeth and gums. If you eat too many sugar-filled foods or non-nutritious foods, you could be at risk for tooth decay. 

Luckily, we have your oral health and happiness in mind. Here are seven foods you can eat to boost your oral health:


Dish of Yogurt

Yogurt does more than satisfy your mouth with its tasty flavors. It contains a high amount of calcium which helps strengthen your teeth as well as your bones.

Eating yogurt also prevents periodontitis. According to the 2017 study published in the National Library of Medicine, healthy bacteria found in yogurt protect your gums from conjunctivitis and periodontal disease. 

Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens, such as spinach, lettuce, and arugula are also good for your oral health. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that strengthen your tooth enamel.

Tooth enamel, the outer layer of the crown, protects your teeth from cavity-triggering acids. Leafy greens also contain folic acid, which prevents gum diseases by reducing gum inflammation.


Carrot Sticks and Celery Sticks

Carrots are one of the greatest cavity-fighting vegetables. They are known as nature’s toothbrush due to their mouth self-cleaning ability. When combined with your saliva, they can help wash away food particles, plague, and stain-causing bacteria.

Carrots also contain Vitamin A and keratin. These amazing nutrients prevent dental decay by strengthening delicate tooth enamel. 


Another food that is good for your oral health is celery.  Chewing a long fibrous stalk of celery can help clean your teeth and give your gums a workout in the process.

The saliva produced while chewing, acts as your mouth’s self-cleaning agent. The saliva scrubs your teeth and neutralizes harmful bacteria that are present in the mouth. 


Apples and Almonds

Almonds are another one of the best foods for oral health. These seeds contain less sugar, meaning they won’t accumulate as much plaque on your teeth.

The protein and calcium in almonds will help strengthen your teeth and prevent bacteria from causing cavities and gum disease. Almonds are easy to include in your meal plan.


Apples are also known for their amazing oral benefits. Chewing the fibrous parts of the fruit massages your gums and increases saliva flow in the mouth. Plenty of saliva removes plaque trapped between teeth and reduces cavity-causing bacteria.

The vitamin C in apples also offers great benefits. Vitamin C helps keep your gums healthy and reduces bleeding from periodontal disease. 


Pieces of cheese

Cheese is also good for your oral health, particularly your teeth. It contains high levels of calcium and phosphate, essential minerals that strengthen your teeth and bones.

Research by the American Academy of General Dentistry shows that eating cheese stimulates the production of saliva, which balances your mouth’s PH level. Balancing your mouth’s acidity levels lowers your risk of tooth decay. 

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