Cosmetic dentistry Hamburg


Cosmetic dentistry isn’t only about a beautiful smile. Many cosmetic dental treatments can improve the function and health of your teeth. We offer a wide range of affordable dental makeover options, including veneers, natural-looking porcelain crowns, tooth bonding and tooth-colored composite fillings. We also provide teeth whitening and dental implants

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are very thin, custom-made, porcelain shells designed to match the look and feel of your own teeth and to cover the visible surface. A dentist bonds the veneers to the teeth.

Veneers are good for chipped, cracked, discolored or stained teeth. They are also good for hiding other imperfections such as gaps and irregularly-shaped teeth.

Dental veneers Hamburg, Cosmetic veneers Hamburg

They are cared for by maintaining good oral hygiene including regular brushing and flossing. Routine cleanings and wellness exams with a cosmetic dentist are recommended. With proper care, veneers can last for many years, even decades.

Dental crown Hamburg

Dental Crowns

Often called a cap, a dental crown is used to cover and support a tooth that is broken, has very large fillings, or not enough tooth left to create a filling. A crown will also be used to protect weak teeth from breaking or to cover discolored or misshapen teeth.

Crowns protect, strengthen teeth and improve appearance. Crowns are made in a variety of materials to match the shade and shape of the tooth.

The tooth to receive the crown is prepared, and a dental impression is taken. The impression is sent to a lab to create the permanent crown. While the crown is being made, you will have a temporary crown put in place to protect the prepared tooth.

Once the permanent crown is ready, the temporary crown is removed and the the new one is positioned and fastened to the tooth. It will look, feel, and function like a natural tooth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the natural-looking replacement solution to one or more missing teeth. They look and feel like natural teeth. Since implants are permanently anchored into the jawbone, this cosmetic dentistry solution allows for better chewing than removable dentures.

Dental implants are only available for those with healthy and mostly intact oral tissues and jawbone ridges. 

Dental implants Hamburg

Dr. Eisenman will analyze your individual situation to determine if your oral tissues are healthy enough and your jawbone is in good enough shape to withstand an implant. If not, he will recommend another dental makeover solution.

Learn More about dental implants at Hamburg Dental Care and what to expect.

Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding is a procedure that entails the application of a tooth-colored composite resin to repair a damaged tooth. It is often used as a cosmetic dental procedure to cover a discolored tooth or to fill in gaps between teeth.
Dental bonding Hamburg

Tooth Bonding is used under some of the following dental conditions.

  • Stained or Discolored Teeth
  • Fractured Teeth
  • Chipped or Broken Teeth
  • To Fill Gaps Between Teeth
  • Bonding can also be used as a filling for small cavities.

First, a composite resin is carefully chosen to match your other teeth. Then a special gel is applied to help the bonding material adhere properly to the tooth. Then the resin is applied, shaped, sculpted and cured with ultraviolet light. Finally, the material is buffed and polished.

Teeth Whitening

Over time, your teeth can become stained in a variety of different ways. While whitening is not always the answer, it’s usually beneficial. There are many benefits to whitening your teeth, including boosting your self-confidence and achieving a nice smile. Teeth whitening can last a few months to several years, depending on your oral care routine.
Before and After Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can help erase or reduce discoloration caused by the following:

  • Decay
  • Fluorosis
  • Tobacco Use
  • Worn Enamel
  • Tartar Buildup
  • Beverage Stains
  • Failing Mercury Fillings
  • Certain Antibiotics
Depending on the type of stains on your teeth, whitening may not work well enough and porcelain veneers may be recommended as a solution. A veneer covers the entire tooth surface and can be made to be as bright as desired, typically matching a lighter but still natural shade.

Other options for replacing teeth are fixed bridges and partial dentures. Cosmetic dentistry procedures and techniques are designed to give you a better smile and boost confidence and self-esteem. The first step is to make an appointment to determine what can be done to enhance your smile.