Endodontics patient being checked


Endodontics focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the soft pulp tissue inside the tooth.  Endodontic procedures include root canal, endodontic surgery, and procedures necessary to save teeth after traumatic injury.

We’re Committed to Saving Your Teeth

Our main goal is to save your natural teeth whenever possible so that you retain your natural smile, bite, and overall health. We diagnose tooth pain and determine if a diseased tooth can be saved with an endodontic procedure.

If a root canal treatment is indicated, rest assured that we now have the technology to make the entire procedure virtually pain-free. And a root canal treatment will save your tooth.

Man with painful tooth needing endodontics

If you’re experiencing pain, have swelling around any of your teeth, or have injured a tooth, contact us as soon as possible.  If a tooth is sensitive to hot or cold, don’t wait. Make an appointment so that we can determine the best course of action to get you relief and try to save your tooth. We may be able to address the problem before you need a root canal.

The Wand Numbing System

An Effective Solution for Strong Dental Fears

The latest state-of-the-art numbing system to make your dental visit as comfortable for you as possible.

The Wand offers a vastly increased level of comfort and less anxiety for patients.

The Wand Numbing System

For those with dental fears: