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Regular dental visits are important to your health and well-being. We’re here to offer the best local dental care to help prevent and protect your smile and health. We also regularly work with patients to ease pain, discomfort, and other uncomfortable side effects of dental concerns.

Our goal is to make your visit as quick-and-easy as possible, but we also need to find any dental concerns early in the process, so we can address and prevent them from becoming more serious issues. That’s why regular dental visits are so important.

How Often Should You Visit the Dentist?

The frequency of dentist visits will depend on the age of the patient. Dentists recommend that a child should visit a dentist when the first tooth comes in and then continue visits every 6 months or as advised by the dentist. Initially, the frequency of dental visits is more to help the child become comfortable with dental visits, but dentists also discuss regular brushing, flossing, fluoride, and other early care measures to make sure that the child’s teeth are as protected and well-cared-for as possible.

For older children and adults, the frequency is still every 6 months in most cases, but the dentist may recommend more regular visits to address cavities, tartar, gingivitis, or other dental concerns. We may recommend dental visits every ~6 weeks for Orthodontist care or other specialized services. We work to make sure that the frequency of care addresses your dental needs and situation.

What to Expect from Your Dentist Visit

Family dentistry is important, particularly when it’s a local dentist nearby. Ask yourself, “What is the best dentist near me?” Consider a dentist who will offer Emergency Dentist, Family Dentistry, Cosmetic dentistry, and Orthodontist services for you and your entire family both now and in the future. Then, when you’ve chosen the dentist that will provide the services you need, here’s what you should expect from your visit.

● Medical Questionnaire: New patients fill out the full health and medical questionnaire to alert the dental hygienist, dentist, and other staff to dental concerns as well as health and medical situations that could affect the approach for dental care.
● Cleaning: The dental hygienist often starts off the dental visit by cleaning your teeth and even making a preliminary assessment of your teeth. Regular brushing and flossing are not enough to prevent all tartar buildup, which can lead to cavities. So, regular cleanings are important.
● X-Rays: The dental staff may take an X-ray of your mouth every 6 months as needed. If your mouth is healthy, you’re not experiencing pain or discomfort, and the dentist doesn’t see any areas for concern, he/she may take an X-ray once every couple of years. The process usually involves putting a protective lead apron across your chest and then taking X-ray images of your full mouth and teeth.
● Dental Exam: When your teeth are clean, and the X-Ray film is ready for your dentist’s review, your dentist will conduct a dental exam to access dental decay, gum disease, as well as other abnormalities or concerns in the neck, face, and/or mouth. Your dentist may make recommendations related to Cosmetic dentistry or other specialty care services, including orthodontist services for braces and other dental adjustment if needed.

Top 5 Benefits of Regular Dental Visits

While it’s often tempting to put regular dental visits off, we design these appointments to protect your teeth and prevent future dental concerns. Beyond the obvious health benefits from regular dental visits, proactive and dedicated dental support has a range of other positive side effects.

  1. Early Detection of Dental Problems or Other Concerns: We’re able to detect the warning signs of gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, or even oral cancer. When we catch these issues early on, we can take immediate action to correct the issues and make recommendations for Cosmetic dentistry or other specialty care services if needed.
  2. Help with Sleep Problems: Sleep disorders affect 50-70 million Americans. Some sleeping problems could arise from the pain and discomfort from dental concerns, but we also see the signs of sleep apnea or other sleep disorders, evidenced by tooth grinding and damage, red throat, a small jaw, etc. We can address your dental concerns and refer you to a sleep specialist if needed to address apnea or other sleep disorders that may not directly relate to a dental concern.
  3. Preventing Bad Breath: When our dental hygienist cleans your teeth regularly, we’re helping to prevent bad breath, gum issues, etc.
  4. Financial Benefits: When dental concerns are not addressed for months and years, they don’t get better. They tend to further deteriorate to where the fix can be more expensive. Our goal is to provide the best protection and preventative care at the most affordable cost possible. We want to help you avoid unpleasant dental surprises that can be uncomfortable both for your mouth and to your wallet.
  5. Avoiding Teeth Loss: Our goal is to protect your teeth, as well as prevent tooth decay and other issues that might lead to the loss of your teeth. With regular dental visits, you should be able to avoid the need for an Emergency dentist both now and in the future.

What Sets Hamburg Dental Care Apart?

Regular dental visits are important to your health and happiness. For over 30 years, since 1989, Dr. Barry N. Eisenman and our entire staff has offered dedicated dental care to address your specific dental issues. We take a gentle and friendly approach to make you comfortable. We listen to your concerns, and we work to make your visit as positive and productive experience. Our goal is to make your dental care as pain-and-fear free as possible. You don’t have to take our word for it. Read what our patients have to say about our service. Then make the easy decision for your health and smile.

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